Just saw the job of my dreams - I need to stand out from the crowd

I've just been made redundant - what do I do now?

It's been a while, I need to update my Resume

Jeez, the job wants Selection Criteria too - I don't even know where to start!

I don't have time to do up my Resume

I freeze every time I go for an interview - I need help

I'm applying for job after job after job, but I can't get an interview

I don't know how it happened, but my confidence is shot

I've had such a hard time over the years, I don't know who I am anymore

I used to be so good at interviews, but my confidence has gone

After being made redundant, I can't seem to get a new job

I can do that job with my eyes shut, but I didn't even get an interview!

I hate my job - I need to get out of here, but what am I going to do?

I reached the top of the tree, but I'm not happy, so what's next?

My Resume has worked in the past - how come it's not working now?

I've never needed a Resume, but I can't seem to get an interview

I just knocked something together for my Resume, but it's not working

I had my friends' aunt's cousin's next door neighbour write my Resume

Oh I'll just get Jane down the road to knock something up for me - that'll do

I want to start my own business, but I don't know how!





Just letting you know that not only did I get the interview with my amazing Resume, but with your interview coaching, I felt confident presenting my information and, I got the job!


I can't believe how fantastic I look on paper - I'd even employ me!


Four of the questions you prepared for me during our interview coaching session were in the interview - I was able to be so confident in answering them!


My Resume is amazing - thank you so much, I love it!


Thank you for making me sound so professional - I could never have done that"


Wow, I can't believe how amazing I feel - my confidence has improved so much!


"I felt very stuck in my work role and could not see a way to change my position for the better. I spoke to Anne about a position she was seeking candidates for and she was instantly supportive.  Within days she had organised an interview, held the interview, and I had been accepted for the role. She was prompt, informative and practical. This has been a huge positive change for myself and my whole family. Dealing with Anne was a stark contrast to any dealings I have had with recruitment agents and job seeking in general. The whole process felt easy and exciting. I strongly recommend Anne to anyone seeking genuine, honest and fun! service."


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Anne transforms people’s lives!  She has held her own learning and development, speaking, professional writing, recruitment and career guidance consultancy since 2003, where she had like to term herself a ‘one-stop-HR-shop’. 


With a Master degree in Human Resource Management, specialising in leadership and organisational change from the University of Newcastle, Australia, Anne’s professional passions have been making people shine on paper and in person, so that they can then get that interview, get that job, start their own business, or just improve their confidence, so that they start living the life of their dreams with happiness and optimism!  


On the client side, she also is an experienced professional recruiter and outplacement specialist, so she knows what employers are looking for - Anne knows all the secrets of the professional recruitment industry and will share them with you!


As a wordsmith, Anne has a unique way of professionally marketing and presenting people to make them stand out from the crowd and shine, so that they can get noticed and jump ahead of the competition.  Only then will they have an opportunity to showcase their talents and capabilities to a prospective employer.  


Whether it be in developing a professional Resume, giving career guidance or honing up your confidence and interview skills, Anne's talents in this area are unsurpassed.   Her success rate is unparalled, and she enjoys her clientele coming back to her to year after year and say "I got that last job, so it's now time for an update and onto the next big thing".


Anne also loves to help people who have pinnacle of their corporate career and are ready to call the shots in their own business, Anne's Entreprenurial Business School will show budding and newby entrepreneurs how to become a successful business owner.


Anne’s passion is to teach, coach, speak to, write books about and inspire people to hold themselves to a higher degree of excellence, and be the best that they can be.  This then inspires people to implement the concepts of helping others and paying it forward, so that every person can have an impact and leave a lasting legacy to make the world a better place.


Anne’s 2 x International Award-Winning first book "Creating Eternal Optimism: Redesign Your Thinking and Transform Your Life in 30 Days” is the first in a series of 12 self-help and leadership titles designed to inspire, guide and empower people to completely transform their lives and live a life of optimism, happiness and success.   The book won FINALIST at the 2019 Book Excellence Awards, and SILVER at the International 2016 eLIT Awards both in the self-help category.


Anne totally knows her purpose on this planet is to make a difference and to inspire people to be the best that they can be.  She is an enthusiastic, passionate and captivating story-teller.  Why is she doing this?  She believes that life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

Expert.  Professional.  Guru.  Specialist.  Leader.  Master (degree).


Experienced.  Articulate.  Competent.  Creative.  Wordsmith.  


Inspirational.  Insightful.  Compassionate.  Intuitive.  Real.



If you, or someone you know, can identify with, or has said any of these things, then its time you met Anne.....