Only 20% of jobs are actually advertised, and 80% of job seekers will apply for them.

That means there is increased competition for these roles, so be proactive and seek out your opportunities carefully.  

It’s more acceptable these days than it was in the past, to focus on the “hidden market” and send out your Resume to the companies that you might like to work for. 

You’ll increase your chances if you go directly to the source and request that the company keep your resume on file for any future positions. 

Depending on the organisation and how they like to work, it would be important to discover the name of the manager in the department that you may wish to join, and address your cover letter and resume to them rather than a generic one to the HR Manager.  Before doing any of this, make sure you read how the company likes to receive interested applications – if they explicitly say to address it to the HR pool, then do so.

Acquaint your friends and family with the nature of role you are seeking. Ask them to keep and eye out for you. Don’t underestimate the power of networking.  

Many companies include a ‘positions vacant’ area on their website and some will email you available roles on a regular basis. Use this tool! In addition, sign up with the employment agency websites and forward your resume to as many recruitment agencies as you can. 

Good luck!

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