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Consulting the expertise of a Career Specialist makes sense – because you are actually investing in yourself and your future.

Employers/recruiters can assess hundreds of applications for a single position – what worked on a Resume to secure an interview in the past, might not work now. 

The pandemic has changed our working world, and while some employers are offering greater flexibility of working conditions to keep/attract their workers, you have to actually get the job first before you can benefit.

Effectively presenting yourself on paper and in person are still steps that must happen to secure that role – and it is very competitive.

That’s why consulting the expertise of Anne makes sense – you are an expert in what you do, and so is she.

Whether it be as a one-off encounter or a more long-term relationship that you can build with Anne, her guidance, experience and expertise gives you your best opportunity to shine.

Career Coaching + Guidance

Work. Job. Career. It is normal to have several career changes in our modern working lives. Are you part of the "Great Resignation" questioning the pandemic's impact on what you want out of your working life?

Professional Resumes + Cover Letters

Resumes in the 21st Century are the most important marketing document you will ever own - having it professionally written is an investment into your career and what gets you noticed...for the right reasons

Selection Criteria/Focus Capability

Selection Criteria/Focus Capability is a justification and gatekeeping process that allows only the best and most qualified candidates through to the next level - knowing how and what to address is why you seek out professional help

Interview + Confidence Coaching

Has it been a while since you attended an interview? Do you know how to answer behavioural interviewing questions?

LinkedIn + Business Profiles

LinkedIn Profiles are an important part of your career/business brand as recruiters/prospective clients use this tool to validate and check you out. Your brand (You) needs to be consistent across all documentation

Redundancy + Outplacement Coaching

Redundancy/Outplacement Coaching involves how to cope with change, what's next, having your Resume professionally updated, and polishing your interview skills - it just makes sense so you positively concentrate on your future

Professional and Reliable Services You Can Trust

Expert. Professional. Guru. Specialist. Leader.

Master (degree). Experienced. Articulate. Real.

Competent. Creative. Wordsmith. Insightful.

Inspirational. Compassionate. Intuitive. Friendly.

Is this you, or someone you know?

If the answer is yes, then it's time you met Anne

Anne McDowell, MHRMan&IR

As a Strategic Career Specialist, holding a Master degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (majoring in leadership and organisational change) Anne has been providing career services in her own consultancy since 2003.

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What is a professional resume?

A professional resume is a marketing document that is professionally written by a HR, recruitment and strategic career specialist and expert, so that it markets your talents, skills, attributes and capabilties to your best advantage relevant to the job you are applying for.

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The hidden job market

Only 20% of jobs are actually advertised, and 80% of job seekers will apply for them. That means there is increased competition for these roles, so be proactive and seek out your opportunities carefully.

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Professional Resumes

Resumes in the 21st Century are simply the single most important marketing document you will ever own, and are targeted toward a specific job to maximise your chance of success, as a recruiter needs to be able to immediately place you in their role with information relevant to the job they are recruiting for, so a generic one size fits all doesn’t cut it today.

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The “Great Resignation”

It is quite common now to change career direction a few times during your lifetime, whereas in the past it was common to have just one job for life!

Sometimes it is difficult to know what you want to do, all you know is what you don’t want to do.

The pandemic has really allowed us to think about our working life and what we want out of it.

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Rebuilding Confidence

Losing a job and/or not being able to secure a new one in this current climate, affects our wellbeing in many ways, in addition to our obvious financial stress! 

It can change the way we feel about ourselves, destroy our confidence and our feelings of worth.  It can also interfere with how we move ourselves forward, particularly when we may have been chosen to go and others are chosen to stay. 
While we might feel that we are not “depressed” where we have trouble functioning on a daily basis, we may not also realise how this forced “time out” has affected us.

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