Resumes in the 21st Century are simply the single most important marketing document you will ever own, and are targeted toward a specific job to maximise your chance of success, as a recruiter needs to be able to immediately place you in their role with information relevant to the job they are recruiting for, so a generic one size fits all doesn’t cut it today.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my resume and cover letter generating interviews?
  • Do I know how to stand out from the others?
  • Does my cover letter introduce me well?
  • Does it highlight specific strengths that fit the job I am applying for?
  • Do I need a powerful resume to make a career change?
  • Do I need a custom-written resume that generates top results and interviews?
  • How long has it been since my Resume was first created?
  • Have I just tweaked it for years along the way?
  • Has my Resume got current content, or has it been the same for years?
  • Is my current Resume style still relevant or is it stuck in the last century?
  • Did I just create something to “make do”?
  • Did my aunt’s next door neigbour’s cousin’s sister in law “knock one together” for me?


Professionally developed high-performance resumes and cover letters can dramatically increase your chances of getting interviews.

Never underestimate the influential power of a professionally written resume. It is a powerful marketing tool that successfully competes against other applicants.

Without a professional resume with a contemporary format you will limit your chances of obtaining and interview.

If you are not successfully gaining interviews, it is time to book a Professional Resume service.


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