Losing a job and/or not being able to secure a new one in this current climate, affects our wellbeing in many ways, in addition to our obvious financial stress! 

It can change the way we feel about ourselves, destroy our confidence and our feelings of worth.  It can also interfere with how we move ourselves forward, particularly when we may have been chosen to go and others are chosen to stay. 

While we might feel that we are not “depressed” where we have trouble functioning on a daily basis, we may not also realise how this forced “time out” has affected us.

Choosing a professional to help rebuild your confidence during times of Redundancy/Outplacement, or simply when life has gotten you down, is a very personal choice as it can be a challenge to make decisions about how you move forward.

Many websites say the same or similar things and I suggest that you choose to work with someone who you feel you have a connection with, and whose words mean the most to the way you think.   

Clients come to me come because they are both comforted by what they are told, and that they know in their hearts that they have been told the truth, even though the truth may be hard to hear at times.

That’s the sort of person you need to find for yourself, because you deserve to be happy, you are worthy of being happy, and you are definitely worth it!

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I’ve just been made redundant – so what do I do now?