It is quite common now to change career direction a few times during your lifetime, whereas in the past it was common to have just one job for life! 

Sometimes it is difficult to know what you want to do, all you know is what you don’t want to do.  

The pandemic has really allowed us to think about our working life and what we want out of it.

Is it flexiblity? Is it working from home? Is it a mixture of both? Is it more freedoms at the expense of salary? Is it more about happiness in my job now than before it was all about the money and advancement?

One thing for certain, is that people have either loved flexibility of the changes in working from home, or they’ve hated it. Everybody is different, and what suits one person may not suit another.

The interesting thing is how employers have reacted/responded to these changes….some have embraced the idea of trusting their employees, whilst it has really outed the micro managers of this world, with their insecurities regarding power and control emerging, incestantly monitoring every movement and/or absence of their workforce from behind the screen…why weren’t you at your desk? Hmmmm, just want to the bathroom….

It’s hard to know anyone who would enjoy these micro-management experiences, however, if it is the job of your dreams and it’s merely the characteristic of your current manager that is an issue right now, then in time that issue could resolve itself.

It’s definitely OK to explore your options, and it’s definitely OK to stay – regardless of whatever decision you choose, it really is about assessing what you want/need out of your career.

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